Detailed services include:

  • Physician Relations
  • Rent Collections
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Janitorial Management
  • Energy Management
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Onsite Personnel
  • Budgeting
  • Capital Improvements
  • Project Marketing
  • Tenant Procurement
  • Lease Renewals

Property Management

       Honan Property Management (a Richmond Honan subsidiary) currently manages more than 4,300,000 SF of medical office space in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Our properties have historically operated at expense levels 20% lower than our competitors. 

      A dedicated Honan Property Management team ensures our buildings are healthy so our physicians can focus on their patients’ health. Our Property Management services are comprehensive, preventative and include janitorial, security, landscaping, capital improvement, safety and other building maintenance programs. We pride ourselves on cost effective ways to extend the life of our properties and keep expenses low for tenants. Our team also consistently analyzes building tenancy to ensure an advantageous mix of specialties within each building.


       Before a shovel hits the dirt on a new development, we set realistic goals and benchmarks for every phase of the development process - and then we meet them.  During this process we establish overall project vision, ensure financial feasibility and manage development risk. We are long-term holders of real estate, thus our buildings are physically and contractually designed with both longevity and efficiency in mind.

Leasing and Management

       A fully leased medical office building benefits everyone who walks through the door - physicians, patients and hospital staffs. Before we begin marketing available office space, we work with our current tenants and physician investors to ensure we are meeting their goals and objectives. Our services include market analysis, space planning and tenant improvement coordination.

For more information or questions in regards to sales, leasing, or marketing please contact or call 404-845-2606

Construction Management

       Construction Management is critical to what we do.  Negotiating the construction process starts with the initial building design.  Our dedicated team of professionals including tenant representatives, property mangers, designer and engineers, ensure every project meets the original vision, is completed on time and keeps within budget.  To us, successful development stands the test of time both architecturally and functionally.  We only select systems, equipment and products that meet the objectives of our tenants and leave room for the ever-changing advances in the medical industry.

Asset Management

       Protecting your asset is of the utmost importance.  We evenly balance the short-term needs of the property with long-term value enhancement for our tenants by assigning an Asset Manager to every property. Daily activities are coordinated with a long-term project plan as it related to the financial, occupancy and image goals of each building. Our services include collection, budgeting, property tax appeals and operating expense efficiency.